Oftentimes we find ourselves stuck in a painful place andcropped-image1.jpg are unsure how to move forward. Sometimes our relationships with others, as well as ourselves, become overwhelming or toxic and it is difficult to understand how to move past it.

Mental health counseling can help you understand what patterns are influencing the negative behaviors and emotions and open the door to healing. I work to provide my clients with hope and strength to move beyond relationship difficulties and focus on self-improvement.

My goal is to help couples grow from the past and learn how to fight for a future. Together, we can focus on more positive and healthy communication habits and develop meaningful relationships with others. My passion is working with couples who are struggling. My hope is to help couples understand the dynamics that have influenced their struggles and provide them with tools to use in order to help mend the relationship. Join me in discovering your potential to grow together in a peaceful and non-judgmental atmosphere.